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Anonymous asked: how the hell are you so multi-talented!?!! Every time you post something i'm amazed you really aren't the normal female, it's refreshing.

I’ve always been a loner and always loved figuring out how to do things I get lost in stuff for hours and as a child I think every year I was into something different. I’m also a perfectionist so anything I try, I attempt to master it to the best of my ability. Every year try to learn two new things and before you know it you’ll have a list of things you’re good at. It’s good to be well rounded Im praying I can keep my son busy in the same sense.

Anonymous asked: Didn't you get the idea of the Drake shirt from @omweekend? What exactly are the people who make things similar to what you made copying when your* idea that wasn't even exactly "original." Didn't you jack Melody Ehsanis jewelry ideas?

1. Omwweekend stole the concept I did for the drake shirt from ME

My fabric was printed over 8 months ago and posted on instagram.

see here: http://instagram.com/p/dSEONbGmH3/

I posted digital mockup 2 MONTHS before I had the fabric made. The reason I had the design made because the mockup was more of a joke I posted on IG and then people asked me to make it happen so I DID. I removed the mockups when I decided to go ahead and make it official for the exact reason of people stealing the design.

Omweekend is based and manufactured in Singapore. If you look back to when they posted their first design with the faces of Kanye it was 7 months ago ONE MONTH AFTER I POSTED MY FABRIC AND THREE MONTHS AFTER I POSTED AND REMOVED MY DIGITAL MOCKUPS

See here: http://instagram.com/p/fDTiGok9q-/

Please tell me how I stole from them when clearly that concept was released by me way before them.

2. M.E. wasn’t the originator of acrylic jewelry and I had been selling name necklaces long before she came around on etsy like everyone else before her was when it wasn’t as popular. She mainstreamed it, yeah. The only thing we ever had similar were lightning bolt earrings and I did those per request. So you saying because she  made acrylic jewelry no one else can?? That’s like saying because kay jewelers makes diamond rings no else is allowed to make diamond rings. LOL our designs were no where near the same and she doesn’t even cut nor design her own jewelry she gets it made overseas in china and marks it up 300% I’m actually physically designing my laser files and cutting my own pieces BIG DIFFERENCE.

You seem so involved in what I do to the point it’s actually fucking creepy. Why do yall come from instagram where clearly this topic was sparked to leave ANONYMOUS messages…because you’re way to afraid to actually come at me from your account with this nonsense. Then on top of it all you don’t even have your facts straight lol try again.

Anonymous asked: people fail to realize that men are vulnerable too. some have honestly been hurt before. they shouldn't make men out to be monsters incapable of caring…what advice would you give a man thats been hurt before and is afraid to love again….but wants to? your opinion really matters to me. thank you.

If you want something real you have to take that risk let your guard down and not fear heartbreak. It happens, maybe more times than it doesn’t BUT guarding yourself from people and not even giving them a chance will have you missing out on that one that will be different. It’s scary YES, but well worth the risk when it finally pays off.

Be mindful of who you deal with and what type of energy they bring into your life. If the thought of them brings worry, stress negativity…you probably should rid yourself of them.

I’m guilty of having my guard up but it’s usually for a good reason. If I sense someone is lying, can’t give me what I want out of the relationship, or for whatever reason I see myself catching feelings and getting hurt because it may not be as mutual of a situation as I’d like…I’m super guarded but ONLY with the intention of protecting myself not really keeping someone out. Some situations are just a waste of investing an emotional commitment.

Anonymous asked: I love how you have actual drawings/vector work for the iPhone theme on your site (the lip drawing is really nice). I get sick of seeing the same cutesy cartoony stuff all over the place on other sites. Everybody's stuff looks the same its nice to see something different. Keep it up!

Thank you. That’s why I decided to make my own theme most of the iphone themes they have now are poorly designed by males and look like cheap space movies or stuff girls have deigned that looks like what a 10 yr old girl has in her room. I’m going to be working on more. Its just a bit time consuming doing over 100+ icons.

Anonymous asked: missodessa can you post your receipt for those yummy strawberry crepes and homemade whip cream. even though its midnight i want em! lol

Instructions :

Put the oil in the pan heat it on low for about 10mins then wipe out the excess oil with a paper towel. Move the heat up to medium and in a minute you can begin testing you batter on the heat by pouring a tbsp of batter into the pan. wait about 30 seconds and flip it if it brown the heat is too high and you will need to lower it. It’s kinda tricky depending on the stove and pan that’s why you want to test first. Everything after getting your temperature right is easy.

There’s a basic recipe for whipped cream here


Anonymous asked: Really, @StellaAnnxxx did your dad rape you? Is that why ue a gross pornstar whore? All ur friends and family r gunna know.

You MUST be in the wrong inbox lol

Anonymous asked: when people "make" their own tshirts do they still use a logo branded tee? or make their own branding?

most people buy blank tee’s from wholesale companies a lot of people use American Apparel T’s.


when you’ve been swimming and water is in your ear


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